The Hidden Levels invades the EuroGamer Expo of 2017! THL Veterans WARPIG and Manic Ado visited […]
Developers The Vanir Project bring out a new title that contains “Metroidvania” game mechanics called Nightmare […]
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe has revealed new information for the upcoming Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. […]
Oasis Games and MegaFun Games releases a new 2.5D Action Platforming title called Hidden Dragon Legend […]
The next title in fast-paced bullet ballets is out now called Senko no Ronde 2 with […]
The long awaited update for Onigiri, Lunar Tale: Part II, has just been released on the […]
SEGA releases a new track to tease us for the upcoming Sonic Forces game. The song […]
BadFly Interactive, an indie game developer and publisher, is proud to announce their new action oriented coop […]
En Masse Entertainment is proud to announce that the first major game update for their online […]
A new trailer arrives for the fun and wacky Agents of Mayhem from developer Volition. It […]
Drifting Lands is an arcade shoot’em’up which combines this classic game-play with RPG elements and tries […]
Cyanide has released a brand new trailer for their upcoming investigative RPG, Call of Cthulhu. Watch […]
EVE Online has received a ‘Rogue Swarm Alert’ event that will last throughout June 27th. As […]
Techland announced today that they will be developing 10 new pieces of content for Dying Light. […]
Capcom revealed even more cross-universe goodness at E3 by showing off the storyline and some game-play […]
A new trailer showcasing game-play and story elements from Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom has […]
MH fans will be excited about the newly announced Monster Hunter: World at the Sony conference […]
After first being announced at the Microsoft conference for E3 2017, Assassin’s Creed Origins gets a […]
Ubisoft ended off their E3 conference strongly with the reveal of Beyond Good & Evil 2 […]
343 Industries and Creative Assembly are happy to announce at E3 that the newest and biggest […]

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