En Masse Entertainment is proud to announce that the first major game update for their online anime brawler, Kritika Online, is out now. Players will experience massive changes to key gameplay systems and a rash of new game balances and bug fixes. Additionally, there will be kitties, lots and lots of feline friends. Take a look at the ‘Furever Friends’ trailer below.


These cute sidekicks are both furry and furious with special powers to assist players in the Danger Zone. These new feline pets will be included in all “Furever Friends” bundles, which contain everything you need to care for your new in-game companions.

Additionally, players that are above level 65 will gain access to brand new challenges in a completely redesigned Arena mode. The new Arena mode increases the levels from 10 to 120 and only the most skilled of players will survive. The new Arena mode also offers instant rewards based on how long players can survive, as well as a weekly leaderboard offering rewards for the top ranked players.

The full list of updates and changes include:


We have heard your feedback on Starhenge and have worked hard to overhaul the Danger Zones to be a more engaging and challenging experience by increasing the difficulty but also increasing the drop rates.

  • Added new drops to Danger Zones, which display in the “Best Possible Rewards”
  • Doubled equipment drop rates, and top-tier equipment is now bind-to-account.
  • Added Chaos Kritium Shards as a drop in Extreme Danger Zones.
  • Boosted difficulty of Extreme Danger Zones.
  • Increased the recommended Combat Rating for Normal, Hard, And Extreme Danger Zones.
  • Normal: 35,000
  • Hard: 70,000
  • Extreme: 150,000
  • Removed Resurrection Stone usage limits
  • Added shield gauges to all Starhenge bosses
  • Added party quests

Dungeon Balance

  • We adjusted the role of Accuracy in Danger Zones. Before Accuracy only revised the minimum damage, Accuracy now not only revises the minimum damage but also decreases your chance to miss.
  • Some bosses who had a shield gauge were too strong, so the shield has been deleted.

PvP and Arena

  • Added lower level costume pieces (wings); higher level wings are unchanged.
  • Added special PvP-focused arena gear, acquired with coins earned through the Arena and PvP. The new set has PvP only abilities.
  • Added a new PvP Emblem for purchase with coins.
  • Increased Arena levels from 10 to 120.
  • The more levels you complete, the better your rewards
  • Arena ranking depends on the highest level completes and clear time.
  • Ranking rewards delivered weekly


The big change here is that all Whetstones purchased at the EMP Store are now tradeable (previously only inferior whetstones were tradable)

  • Added an auto-repeat function to anvils
  • Added warnings when using high-grade hammers to repair items
  • All Whetstones purchased at the EMP Store are now tradeable.
  • Fixit Hammers are now tradeable with Gold on the Auction House (except for quest/event versions).
  • Enhancing Booster Scrolls are now tradeable with Gold on the Auction House (except for quest/event versions)

Inventory Changes

  • The Delivery Box (F11) is now a tab in character inventory
  • You may now meld Charms and fuse Artifacts via the character Inventory UI, without visiting the Magimatic 3000
  • You can sell any previously crafted alembics back to the Magimatic 3000 for their component costs

Auction House

Note: because the following changes to the Auction house, all current listings will be canceled during build deployment, and the items and deposits will be sent back to the listing players through mail.

We outlined many of our changes to the Auction House and economy here (blog link). Our goal here is to provide a safe and secure place for you to trade and obtain items.

  • Listings now sort properly by price
  • Reduced listing fees for Elite players
  • Updated messaging for super-expensive items (over 100 billion gold, or 25,000 Kred)
  • Added min/max values for certain listings to help prevent abuse from goldsellers. These min/max values are set automatically. Due to the large quantity of items we may find it necessary to adjust items min/max prices. As always please provide your feedback.
  • Weapons purchased from NPC quartermasters can no longer be listed in the Auction House.

We have made costume pieces tradeable with gold on the Auction House. Our hope is to provide all players with a means to acquire costume pieces, as well as create a market for paying players to sell them.

  • Added Average costume piece boxes to Kagerfeld inventory.
  • Average costume pieces have their own unique appearance.
  • EMP Store costume pieces can now be listed in the Auction House.
  • EMP Store costume pieces are now bind-on-equip. This applies to EMP Store items only and is retroactive for previous purchases.
  • Kagerfeld costume pieces are now non-tradeable.
  • Costume pieces from average boxes are still bind on pickup
  • Some costume sets (like those from Founders’ Packs) are still bind on account and cannot be traded.

EMP Store

  • Added Name Change vouchers
  • Smart Start packs are now non-tradable, and limited to one per character.
  • Elite Vouchers are now tradeable for gold on the Auction House. Initial purchase must still be made with Kred.

We have increased the benefits of Elite status

  • Auction House trading fee is decreased from 20% to 10%
  • Daily Dye points have increased from 15 to 30

Pet Packs – including 3 or 4 new pets – are available for purchase from our Web Store

Mixed Doubles Mini-Game

  • Added a card-matching minigame
  • Event Game Tickets can be purchased from Material Collection Agents in towns, or from Cerulean in Starhenge. (Maximum 6 per day.)
  • The mini-game is accessible from Maril, the Event Manager NPC standing near the Danger Zone Highway in most towns.

General Refinements

  • Increased the gold drop multiplier for higher Danger Zone difficulties
  • Potions of Greater Wham and Greater Zoom can no longer be purchased from NPCs.
  • Increased the cost of Half Hour Potions of Wham/Zoom
  • Removed several types of health potions from NPC stores
  • Minor adjustments to level 60 party quest rewards
  • Updated quest and item localizations in all areas
  • Some Emblems and Titles have updated effects.

Bug fixes

  • Binding skills to the 0 key (zero) no longer triggers an error message.
  • Fixed an issue where rendering certain NPCs would crash the game
  • The “First Time Buyer” promotional banner no longer displays after you make your first purchase.
  • Fixed an issue where Kagerfeld badges would change to bind-on-pickup when logging out or switching character

V202 Known Issues

  • Players must complete quest “Building a better Warbot”, and reach Lv15 before receiving the Class Change quest NOTES: The quest is given by Youla, in Lantir, around the Lv12-15 range; depending on player’s proficiency, etc. You will see the change class dialog box saying you can change as soon as you reach Lv15, but the trainer will not trigger the quest if you haven’t also completed “Building…”
  • Arena requires a Lv65 character before you can participate; even though the UI will enable and appear active as long as you meet the CR and gold requirements before that poi
  • All ‘Dimensional Siphon’ gear coming out of Starhenge will show in the players’ inventory as “Tradeable” and “Untradeable” at the same time. This is a UI issue only; the gear itself is bind on account. It can be traded between the account’s characters via the Vault, but cannot be listed in the Auction House
  • “%%” listed for Auction House listing time
  • The F11 key now displays an error instead of bringing you to your delivery box. Your delivery box can now be found in your inventory window.

Kritika Online is available now on PC.



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