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Drifting Lands Review

Drifting Lands is an arcade shoot’em’up which combines this classic game-play with RPG elements and tries to do something different. It instantly reminded me of the old and classic games like Thunder Force III...

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Final Fantasy XV Review

Final Fantasy XIII was a game that received a ton of backlash from its fan base. Some players liked the controversial ATB system whereas others hated it for not being true turn-based combat reminiscent of...

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Bunch of Screenshots for Horizon Zero Dawn

Those of you with a PlayStation 4 that are excited for the all-new sandbox title, Horizon Zero Dawn will be happy to look at this plethora of new screenshots that Sony and Guerrilla Games...

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The Surge Mini-Bosses Screenshots

Some new screenshots have been released for The Surge, Deck 13’s action-RPG set in a futuristic setting where an industrial mega-corporation wreaks havoc on the environment. Machinery from CREO run on rampages while Echelon...

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Fallout 4: Season Pass Review

It’s almost been a full year since the release of the most anticipated sequel to one of Bethesda’s star series, Fallout 4 and it’s garnered a large range of reviews with mostly positive feedback....

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