Victor Vran gets a huge expansion pack in the form of “Motörhead: Through the Ages”, which explores the fictionalized life of the heavy metal band. The DLC expansion will be available separately for those who own the title already or as part of the new Victor Vran: Overkill Edition. Not only that, but Lloyd Kaufman, a famous independent film director, will also star inside the game with screenshots showing how he’ll look below. Kaufman and Lemmy Kilmister (lead for Motörhead) were good friends and the developers only felt natural to include him into the game alongside the legendary bassist.

The DLC for Victor Vran will include three demon-infested worlds, inspired by songs from Motörhead, in which the immortal band will need to defeat with the help of Lloyd and the Snaggletooth. Players can take control of the members of the band with 2-player co-op locally and/or 4-player co-op online.

Victor Vran‘s “Motörhead: Through the Ages” will be available this spring for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.



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