Visualnoveler has announced that their JRPG inspired game, Destiny Chronicles, will be launching for KickStarter on October 4th. Check out some Alpha Gameplay footgae below:


Destiny Chronicles is an action RPG inspired by the JRPG classics.The player will take on the role of a squire named Celeste who embarks on her journey to prove herself as a true knight. Celeste will traverse the entire continent in search for a thief that is part of a bigger and sinister plot.

Destiny Chronicles has a character-driven plot that primarily focuses on the interactions between Celeste and her companions as they search for the thief. The battles will feature fast-paced action combat reminiscent of Kingdom Hearts and other action RPG’s. Additionally, there will be a skill tree allwoing for freedom of customisation for a more personalised gaming experience.

The game is currently in the early development phase and we will be running a Kickstarter soon.

Destiny Chronicles features:

  • Character-Driven Story: As Celeste travels across the continent with her companions Valana and Ruby, they’ll learn more about the world and its history, as well as a sinister plot about to unfold.
  • Exciting, Dynamic Battles: Take on a variety of enemies with an exciting action combat system. Plan your battles, unleash special attacks, and devastate your foes.
  • Beautiful, Mysterious World: Explore fields, towns, and dungeons across a strange world still haunted by its elusive past.
  • Customization: Use an expansive talent tree to customize Celeste’s fighting style.
  • Quests: In addition to the main story, side quests and optional activities allow you to further explore the world and characters of Destiny Chronicles. Dig deeper into the lore, help the people you meet, and join your party members as they resolve their personal struggles.
  • Party Interactions: The three main characters learn and change throughout their journey and humorous banter fills their interactions as they come to know each other. Optional conversations add greater depth to their friendship.
  • Enchanting: Upgrade your gear and boost your skills by enchanting them with magical relics.

For more information on Destiny Chronicles, please visit the full website here.

Destiny Chronicles will be available for Nintendo Switch, Pc and PlayStation 4.


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