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New Trailer for SHINY

A new trailer has been released for the recently announced SHINY, a side-scrolling puzzle-platformer that follows a little round robot. Kramer 227, the name of the robot, is able to jump good distances, interact...

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For Honor 2015 Developer Highlights

The developers at Ubisoft have revealed more on their upcoming warrior title, For Honor. Join community developer, Emile Gauther in the video below as he joins the developers at Ubisoft Montreal to discuss the...

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Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 4 Trailer

Telltale Games’ episodic game on the famous Minecraft series gets a new trailer for Episode 4: “A Block and a Hard Place”. In this ‘Wither Storm Finale’ trailer, the male or female protagonist find...

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Bombshell Gameplay Trailer

A new trailer gets released for Interceptor Entertainment’s third-person shooter, Bombshell. Named after the protagonist, this game deals with a female character with extraordinary powers. In this trailer below, we see one of her...

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Rise Of The Tomb Raider Season Pass Detailed

With a lot of news at The Game Awards there was also mention of what will be included in the season pass for Rise of the Tomb Raider. It won’t be disappointing as it...

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MKX Kombat Pack 2 Trailer and Characters

Warner Bros. has been waiting awhile to announce the characters for their earlier reveal of Kombat Pack 2 downloadable content for Mortal Kombat X. After building up tension, and not even revealing clues as...

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Quantum Break The Game Awards Trailer

Remedy Entertainment busted out at The Game Awards with a new trailer for their upcoming sci-fi title, Quantum Break. With stunning graphics and stellar acting by Shawn Ashmore, the trailer shows us the Frozen...

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Life Is Strange Limited Edition Trailer

Square Enix has announced that their episodic video game about a girl with time traveling powers, Life Is Strange, is now coming out with a complete Limited Edition. This special edition includes director’s commentay,...

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Neon Chrome Greenlight Trailer

Indie developers strive to best one another in becoming the most popular downloadable title out there; Neon Chrome is no exception. With its top-down shooting action and cyberpunk style, it yearns to grab hold...

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Welcome to Another World!

All fans of Eric Chahi, there is currently a Kickstarter going on for a project in which sees the French books being translated as well as rediscovering the epic game Another World, one of...

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