Forestry 2017 – The Simulation Reveal Trailer

Just when you thought simulators couldn’t go into lumberjacking, here comes Forestry 2017 – The Simulation. This gameplay trailer reveals more about how you’ll interact with different Stihl chainsaws and conduct business in the lumber world. With first-person and third-person viewing, players will be able to operate heavy machinery, process the wood in a sawmill, and market the goods for money. Not only that, but players will be able to upgrade and unlock better chainsaws, level up their characters, and manage their workers on the lumber site.

Forestry_2017_-_The_Simulation_(Multiplatform)_-_01 Forestry_2017_-_The_Simulation_(Multiplatform)_-_02 Forestry_2017_-_The_Simulation_(Multiplatform)_-_03 Forestry_2017_-_The_Simulation_(Multiplatform)_-_04 Forestry_2017_-_The_Simulation_(Multiplatform)_-_05 Forestry_2017_-_The_Simulation_(Multiplatform)_-_06 Forestry_2017_-_The_Simulation_(Multiplatform)_-_07 Forestry_2017_-_The_Simulation_(Multiplatform)_-_08 Forestry_2017_-_The_Simulation_(Multiplatform)_-_09 Forestry_2017_-_The_Simulation_(Multiplatform)_-_10

Forestry 2017 – The Simulation will be released for the PC on March 25th, 2016 and on consoles “a few weeks later” according to the developers, UIG. We will be sure to keep gamers updated on more as it is revealed.

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