Aspiring space pilots out there will be excited to check out this new Alpha footage from the upcoming space-flight simulator, EVERSPACE. Rockfish Games announced that the closed alpha for the rogue-like space shooter will begin on April 29th, 2016 and will offer basic Oculus Rift support. The closed beta, which is planned for the end of July, will also include support for HTC Vive along with Mac and Linux playability.

Space pilots will be able to explore the first four sectors in one of three spaceships available in the full version. They can equip and upgrade their spaceship in many different ways: Over 20 devices and consumables can be used; 32 perks can be unlocked and used for upgrades. With dozens of available primary and secondary weapons, players dive into battle in the colorful space shooter and go toe to toe with a good dozen different enemies, who are waiting with a wide variety of attack and retreat tactics.


EVERSPACE will be released for the Xbox One and PC on sometime later in 2016.



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