Killer Instinct Arbiter Spotlight Video

A new video has been released advertising Arbiter in Killer Instinct‘s Season Three DLC to be released. In the video we get a look at how he plays and the different colors and accessories that will accompany him. Adam Isgreen and Rukari Austin from Double Helix Games takes us down the road of how Arbiter will fair against the other warriors of the KI universe. “Where it so easy…”


Killer Instinct‘s Season Three — featuring Arbiter — will be released on March 29th, 2016 for the Xbox One.

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    Since the inclusion of Rash from Battletoads, Iron Galaxy said the studio are planning to introduce more characters from other franchises into the game – and delivering the Arbiter shows their commitment. Season 3 will also include tons of balance changes to the fighting game, which are listed in detail right here . Killer Instinct will also return to the prestigious EVO fighting game tournament this summer for the third time.

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