Developer Thing Trunk’s new hack ‘n’ slash title, Book Of Demons, will be making its way to Steam and be available as a console exclusive for Xbox One. This title simulates a dungeon-crawler with the choice of either a warrior, mage, or archer in order to combat different demons as you progress.

Players will upgrade their character with a card system instead of the typical experience build, offering a more challenging way to upgrade your warrior and adjust card decks on the fly according to their next battle. This paperverse-world offers procedurally generated and custom length dungeons, over 70 monster species to face along with their bosses — such as the Archdemon — and a Freemode to hone their skills and freely go on their favorite quests. BoD takes inspiration from earlier PC games and is the first installment of the developers Return 2 Games series.


Book Of Demons will be available this year for Steam at a discounted pre-order price of $14.95, with a release date for both platforms still waiting to be announced.



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