I am happy to announce that we are giving away copies of FoxyLand on the Xbox […]
Although our glorious company of The Hidden Levels has most recently become a publisher along with […]
The Adventure Pals is a platformer in which the main character, Wilton, must save his father […]
Alteric is a puzzle-platformer in which the player takes control of a white square that navigates through […]
House on Fire and Meridian4 rereleases The Silent Age, a point-and-click adventure that revolves around a […]
Ink is a 2D platformer which has you take control of a plain white square. With […]
Spartan is a platformer which has you take control of King Leo. King Leo’s riches have […]
Poi is a charming and adorable 3D-platformer which pays homage to classics such as Super Mario […]
Seasons After Fall is a puzzle-platformer which has you play as the “seed”. The seed acts […]
Drifting Lands is an arcade shoot’em’up which combines this classic game-play with RPG elements and tries […]
Unit 4 was released as part of the ID@Xbox program and has you take control of […]
It’s that time of year again where E3 is just around the corner and the hype […]
Demon’s Crystals is a twin-stick shooter designed for those out there just wanting to get into […]
Butcher is a 2-D shooter developed by Transhuman Design that encompasses gory and pixel graphics along with […]
As an avid lover of management simulators, I was excited to start Planetbase as I really […]
Indie developer Mojo Bones has revealed the launch trailer for their Steam release of Impact Winter, […]
Indie developer Romans I XVI Gaming brings us a brain-teasing puzzle game, Tiles. While featuring a […]

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