House on Fire and Meridian4 rereleases The Silent Age, a point-and-click adventure that revolves around a 70s janitor seeking the truth behind humanity’s inevitable extinction told to him by someone from the future of 2012! If that hasn’t gotten your attention then know that this thrilling adventure makes you take the role of Joe as he feels compelled to explore, question unique characters, solve clever puzzles requiring time travel, a seamless interface, and 20 achievements with Steam Cloud support. With 10 chapters to play through, and a stellar voice cast sure to draw you in, this game will have you jumping back and forth between the 70s and a dystopia to solve this strange mystery. Already hailing with many great reviews and also the 2013 Casual Connect Indie Prize, this seems to be a game worth getting into that’s out now for Steam.


The Silent Age is out now on PC via Steam and you can get it here.


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