Although our glorious company of The Hidden Levels has most recently become a publisher along with streaming and news platform, it is not without some unfortunate setbacks! Bots are autonomous programs that scour through various websites and posts looking for potential bugs or fake uploads and Steam isn’t different in applying them in that regard. However, smaller indie games such as the one we and Veyeral Games have published, The Void Rains Upon Her Heart and three others (Wandersong, Lucah: Born of a Dream, and Pig Eat Ball) are some of the recent victims of these bots’ purging.

I’m losing hope that Steam will ever recognize my little game as a “real game” so that I can finally put Steam cards in it. I’m just super lucky that I released the game before the achievement limits.

– Veyeral Games


While successful indie games such as these have been taken down, the developers won’t step by idly and allow it to happen. Greg Lobanov (the creator of Wandersong) has already brought forward the fact, along with Veyeral Games, through Twitter. Valve has since contacted Lobanov about this issue and that they’re working on it as they speak to bring these games back. So far, games such as Lucah: Born of a Dream have a mark on them stating “Steam is learning about this game.” Other game developers have been pushing for support tickets and complaints and pushing hard but this shouldn’t be something that they have to do. Steam needs a larger and more dedicated staff to handle looking over these titles instead of leaving it to autonomous bots.

Many of these titles are extremely successful and we highly recommend them, especially The Void Rains Upon Her Heart! We will always be support this title and hope to come out with even more titles that’ll garner success. Will Valve see what they’re doing by allowing their site to run completely autonomous? Who’s next? Are there more victims who haven’t come forward yet?



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