Indie developer Mojo Bones has revealed the launch trailer for their Steam release of Impact Winter, a game based on a post-apocalyptic world engulfed in a everlasting winter. The title will also be released later this year for consoles so players can try to survive for 30 days while they await a rescue crew and try to survive as four survivors who hole up in an abandoned church. You will explore various interiors and search for supplies as you utilize your mechanical companion Ako-Light.


When we started working on Impact Winter, little did we realize how big the journey would become. Now, with a week until launch, we’re very nearly here. Impact Winter is often categorized as a ‘survival’ game, but our intention from the start was to try to and build on the genre through our love of Adventure and RPG games: a new take on the ‘survive-as-long-as-possible’ formula that plays with familiar rules. Prior to launch, we’d like to say a final thank you to all our supporters and collaborators. Impact Winter has been developed by a core team of 5 people – a huge undertaking for a game of this scale – and the support we’ve received along the way has been invaluable. Hopefully our passion for creating the world of Impact Winter is there for all to see.

– Stuart Ryall, Co-founder and game designer at Mojo Bones Ltd.

Impact Winter will be released for PC as digital download on May 23rd, 2017 and later this year on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


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