Indie developer Romans I XVI Gaming brings us a brain-teasing puzzle game, Tiles. While featuring a simple title, this game is far from simple with 90 increasingly difficult built-in levels, a level editor, player created levels world, full gamepad support, and local multiplayer up to four players. Levels created by the community are able to be upvoted, favorited, and rated based on its difficulty from other players (pretty much like Mario Maker). The objective is to get your marker from the green tile to the red while clearing the blue ones in between. It gets progressively more difficult as other challenging aspects as introduced such as the ground falling and orange tiles which need to be cleared more than once.

Tiles has potential to be one of those games that can be played forever and is originally priced at $3.99 but will have 25% launch discount for a week from launch, pricing it at $2.99.


Tiles will be released for PC via Steam on March 20th, 2017. 



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