The popular Devil May Cry 5, where you can kick demon ass and take grosser demon […]
It’s been 3 years since we heard any news or details about the upcoming remake of […]
The Resident Evil series was never really a game series that I had much interest in […]
The Arcade Edition for Street Fighter V will be released soon and it includes the most […]
Some new screenshots along with a new trailer for the upcoming DLC to Resident Evil 7: […]
Marvel and Capcom have clashed before in three different major installments and has been in the […]
Capcom revealed even more cross-universe goodness at E3 by showing off the storyline and some game-play […]
MH fans will be excited about the newly announced Monster Hunter: World at the Sony conference […]
Another character trailer arrives for Street Fighter V featuring Ed, the Psycho Power wielding boxer and […]
Capcom has announced lots of new information for their upcoming incarnation of the fighting series that […]
New downloadable content arrives for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard titled “Banned Footage Vol. 1” and “Vol. […]
Capcom has announced The Disney Afternoon Collection, a collection of six games that feature some of the adored […]

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