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Dystoria Info, Gameplay Trailer & Screenshots

Tri-Coastal Games, a two-man Canadian developing team, is bringing us the space-faring Dystoria where you fly in six directions with a ship. Inspired by works such as Tron, Star Wars, and Super Mario Galaxy,...

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Double Dragon IV Announced with Artwork

Key members from the original Double Dragon team return to bring a fourth game to the saga. These members include Yoshihisa Kishimoto (original planner), Koji Ogata (designer), and Kazunaka Yamane (composer) and are coming...

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The Surge Mini-Bosses Screenshots

Some new screenshots have been released for The Surge, Deck 13’s action-RPG set in a futuristic setting where an industrial mega-corporation wreaks havoc on the environment. Machinery from CREO run on rampages while Echelon...

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