We take a look back at the newer iteration of Prince of Persia, which included a […]
Ahh, the glory days of Halo 3. Back when there were no load outs, armor abilities […]
The first time I heard about Zombi was from my boyfriend when he said try it […]
Most of you who have taken part in my streams know I have one particular game […]
I still remember watching the first commercial for Digimon World, a game about digital monsters duking […]
As a huge JRPG fan, I really like an underrated gem on the Xbox 360 that […]
The other day on a stream I was asked what game I would love to become […]
At Unplugged Gaming you can buy Pokémon tcg decks from them and create a great deck […]
I recently discovered my love of a game I used to play on my Xbox 360. […]
In the spirit of The Force Awakens I’d like to discuss the Star Wars game that […]

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