In the spirit of The Force Awakens I’d like to discuss the Star Wars game that truly inspired me to become invested in the deep lore the universe has to offer. Knights of the Old Republic, commonly referred to as Kotor is an amazing game and is the epitome of what an immersive RPG is. There are a number of fans who have argued passionately that the Kotor games should and would have been far better subjects for the prequels, I am inclined to agree. The story is epic and massive in every aspect, it includes mystery, betrayal, love, hate, and of course war.

I have recently been replaying the game on my phone since it was on sale for May 4th. I’m having as much fun with the experience as I did when I had it on four CDs (which I still have in a box in the basement) for my Pentium three PC at my parent’s house in High School. My first play through of Kotor was the first time I seriously immersed myself into the lore Star Wars had to offer. This is a game that enhanced the movies for me personally as it added a richness and history to a story I already enjoyed. If you have not played Kotor it is one of the richest a fullest video games ever made and it holds up very well against modern titles.

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There are not many games from 2003 that are still highly playable today but Kotor is among the few. I personally also own it on Steam and I recommend using a few mods to fix the resolution and stability. The version on my Iphone is incredibly stable and playable despite some complaints about the control scheme. I’d suggest to anyone who wants more Star Wars in their life to pick this up on one of the many platforms and enjoy becoming a Light-side Jedi or a Powerful Dark-side force user.

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