The first time I heard about Zombi was from my boyfriend when he said try it you’ll like it. He told me it was a Wii U port and it was a horror survival game. I’m not a huge fan of survival horror type games but me versus the undead on the other hand, please sign me up! I got a sense of satisfaction when I beat down a zombie with a cricket bat. I’m not sure why but there’s something about FPS zombie games that I cannot get enough of. So I tried it and I loved it.


Zombi is set in modern day London. I was immediately entranced by the game because I loved how eerie they made the environment. It was quiet and dark which made me even more paranoid in the game than I usually would be. I did a lot of shallow breathing and constantly turning in circles to make sure I was not going to get attacked. You get introduced to a cast of shady characters throughout the game sending you on missions in sometimes heavily infested areas with zombies. Oh, did I mention the random boobie traps throughout those areas? It does not take much to die. You have to sneak and inch along praying you don’t make too much noise or use your flash light too much. I have to applaud the developers on how well they made the environment of this game.


The zombies were strong, ammo was scarce, and your character was kind of weak. Dying is definitely easy in this game. However, if you’re playing on normal difficulty or “Chicken” every time you die you spawn back as a new character. I didn’t really care about my character dying. I cared more about what I was carrying in my bug-out bag. To quote Madonna, “Cause we are living in a material world, and I am a material girl.” It was fun and stressful having to make your way back to where you died, then having to find your previous character who is now a zombie and get your gear back. If you died on the way to get your stuff it was gone forever. I loved the combat in the game as well. When I would use the cricket bat, I honestly felt like I made a connection. Knocking off one of the royal guard’s beefeater hats was amazing.

Zombi is definitely worth trying out. In my opinion, a lot of zombie games can be quite similar. However Zombi’s environment and gameplay makes it stand out a bit more. It’s definitely a creepy game and if you’re looking for a rush pick it up.


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