As a huge JRPG fan, I really like an underrated gem on the Xbox 360 that restored my faith back into the JRPG genre. Lost Odyssey is a love letter to classic, old school JRPG’s. It is the true Final Fantasy on last generation consoles. Everyone who has played this game agrees unanimously that it is an amazing game, if not a masterpiece. Its a story about love, loss, betrayal, hardship and the general struggles of life. It has philosophical, political and moral ideologies. Its thought provoking and really a tearjerker to play. What is the true definition of being an immortal? Is it living until the end of time, or is it seeing your loved ones die before your very eyes? How many memories will be lost and how many will stay with you? No child should die before their parents.


As mentioned above, Lost Odyssey will get you into tears early on. The main character is an immortal who cant remember anything about his past. This works well as a design choice as it offers a means for the main character to recall memories, as opposed to straight forward methods by using cutscenes. One way this is done is through something called A Thousand Years of Dreams. When Kaim enters an area or event that feels familiar to him this sequence will commence. It is delivered as an interactive, written story that the player can read. It is accompanied by a captivating soundtrack which will invoke deep feelings. My personal favourite story is the first one called Hanna’s Departure and it worth a read.


The music and the battle system is where the game shines the most. The soundtrack was composed by famed Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu. The soundtrack combines many different instrunments that you wouldn’t think go well together, but Uematsu accomplishes it very well. For example Never Ending Journey starts off very classical with the flute but then the electric guitar comes in. The soundtrack will invoke feelings within you, from bringing tears to your eyes to pumping you up during a boss battle. Speaking of boss battles, the battle system is glorious. Speed, cast times and tactics matter when it comes to fighting. Never go into a battle unprepared.  Lost Odyssey is a game that still holds up to this day. If you havent played this hidden gem yet, go out an buy it! Its cheap and you will definitely get your monies worth out of it.


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