In the spirit of The Force Awakens I’d like to discuss the Star Wars game that […]
Rogue Stormers is as it’s title suggests a rogue-like shoot ’em up side-scrolling adventure through an […]
*Update: The original and subsequent blog posts are now available again the the Tinybuild website. Today […]
Factorio was developed and published by Wube Software LTD. It was released to Steam Early Access on February 25, […]
Stardew Valley was developed by ConcernedApe and published by Chucklefish. It was released for PC/Steam on February 26th, […]
Homeworld:Deserts of Kharak was developed by Blackbird Interactive and published by Gearbox Software. It was released for […]
Tharsis is a very interesting dice rolling rogue like game about space travel. We are still […]
Electronic Super Joy is coming to Xbox One on January 20th! Many of us at THL […]
Punch Club is a street fighting themed RPG that is available for pre order on Steam. […]
Tidal Affair: Before The Storm was developed and published by Overcurfew. It was released for Steam on November […]
The Political Machine 2016 was developed and published by Stardock Entertainment. It was released to Steam early access […]
Death Skid Marks was developed and published by Studio Whisky Tango Inc. It was released on November […]
Star Nomad 2 was developed and published by Huy Phan. It was released on December 14th, 2015. […]
Blackfaun was developed and published by Wild Guess Software. It was released (Early Access) on December 3rd, 2015 […]
Zombie Vikings was developed and published by Zoink Games. It was released on December 7th, 2015 for $19.99 […]
Empire TV Tycoon was developed and published by Dreamsite Games. It was released on October 20th, 2015 […]
HELLDIVERS was developed by Arrowhead Game Studios and published by Playstation Mobile Inc. It will be […]
Hard West was developed by CreativeForge Games and published by Gambitious Digital Entertainment. It was released […]

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