Death Skid Marks was developed and published by Studio Whisky Tango Inc. It was released on November 20th, 2014 for $9.99. A review copy was provided for The Hidden Levels

WARNING: MATURE CONTENT! This game is super raunchy, filthy, and seriously fun. It’s a roguelike with a shitty attitude and even worse personality that somehow manages to be an excellent and hilariously fun game. You are trying to go see a concert and along the way you’ll choose to pick up riders, equip them with weapons, and as the game would put it fuck shit up. Yes, this game is FULL of curse words and adult references. It’s a call back to the days of Leisure Suit Larry with a pixel art style showing off some of the dirtiest fucking scumbags on earth. The game is updated regularly as well, and constantly adding new mechanics, so the replay value goes beyond just the shock of your computer cussing at you violently. It’s a unique roguelike that we really had a good time playing. Enjoy our preview video and check the game out on steam at the link below.



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