HELLDIVERS was developed by Arrowhead Game Studios and published by Playstation Mobile Inc. It will be released on December 7th, 2015 for $19.99. A press review copy was provided for The Hidden Levels. The game was initially released on all Playstation platforms and was first published by Sony Computer Entertainment. So far it hasn’t been available for PC games yet, however we have found the best deals on tech at lowest price for you to play this awesome game.

HELLDIVERS is a co-op two stick shooter with a galactic military strategy theme. This game was very well received by the Playstation community and has finally come to the PC. The game has several elements that make it really shine including planetary domination and eventual galactic conquest. The instanced feel of each encounter makes it easy to pick up and play for any period of time. The controls for the PC are just not workable so having a controller for this is the one major hiccup if you don’t already own one.


What I enjoyed:

Dropping in I liked that you sort of set your own fate in multiple aspects. You choose where to fly and begin your conquest. Once in a system you choose which planet and mission to take. You get to place your drop pod anywhere on the map for the instance you enter on the planet, which can be a blessing or a curse as you see in my video. The feeling that you are in control of your own fate with so many facets is certainly a unique and fun mechanic incorporated into the entire experience.

Environmental planets Each planet I dropped into had different themes, all which fit the entire art style and “space travel” story line exceptionally well. The environments are also dynamic and certain ones have lava explosions or other hazards that can kill your Helldiver. I ran into some lava on a bug infested planet and it wasn’t pleasant. The variation in planet type and environmental atmospheres is done well enough that the feeling of travel and exploration is felt strongly.

Shoot up some aliens – Shooting aliens and taking over planets is fun. I really enjoy a game that has a simple style like this, incorporated into a bigger overall picture. The combat is dual stick and these are the same designers of “Magicka” so be prepared for a frustrating situation here or there, but mostly it comes down to managing your mobs, and if in co-op, managing your team well.


What I disliked:

Controller Required – If a game comes to the PC, it should have a workable control scheme right out of the box. I found the default to be just awful, and honestly for a two stick shooter you need a controller. I have one so it was not that big of a roadblock, but for someone without a PC stick, this could be very annoying.

Missed shots – I felt like at times my bullets sort of passed through certain mobs rather than killed them, which caused a death here and there. It may be that there is a miss percentage, or that you’ve got to line right up to their center. I think this was the only major area of combat that felt like it could use some work.


A two stick shooter like this with co-op for a few friends is certainly something worth looking at. I enjoyed playing it and can;t wait for release to spend some time with the co-op. It’s already been highly reviewed by the Playstation crowd, so I’m affirming that it’s a fun game and if you didn;t get to play it on the PS3 or PS4, you should pick it up for the PC.

Score: Buy it now



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