Omega Quintet for PC Announced with Screenshots & Key Art

The PC production and publishing company, Ghostlight has announced that they’ll be bringing the PlayStation 4 idol simulation game, Omega Quintet, to Microsoft Windows later this year. The title has garnered many positive reviews along and brandishes a complex JRPG-style game-play with five cutesy anime females as the protagonists. Ghostlight is working to give the title support for multiple screen resolutions, Steam Achievements, Cloud saving, and full mouse/keyboard and controller support.

If you’ve never heard of the title players will take control of five “Verse Maidens” — Otoha, Kyoka, Kanadeko, Nene and Aria — as they combat the evil of the world with their songs and weapons of music.

Omega Quintet has already been out on PlayStation 4 since early 2015 and will be released for the PC sometime later in 2017.

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