The long awaited update for Onigiri, Lunar Tale: Part II, has just been released on the […]
The latest Final Fantasy XV update is out now and it introduces Magitek Exosuits for each […]
En Masse Entertainment is proud to announce that the first major game update for their online […]
Digital Extremes has announced that Warframe’s latest update, ‘Chains of Harrow’, is out now on both […]
EVE Online has received a ‘Rogue Swarm Alert’ event that will last throughout June 27th. As […]
Final Fantasy XV’s free May update is available now and includes a myriad of changes. Final […]
The latest Ark patch introduces us to a myriad of changes/updates and a few new introductions. […]
Tera, the Action-MMORPG, will be receiving a brand new class called the Valkyrie through the ‘Honorbound’ […]
Trion Worlds has released a trailer and some screenshots for their new update titled, ‘Forged in […]
In celebration of its four-year birthday, Digital Extremes is celebrating this special occasion with the release […]
ARK: Survival Evolved is receiving a major content update, v255, which adds plenty of TEK Tier […]

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