The latest Final Fantasy XV update is out now and it introduces Magitek Exosuits for each member of Noctis’ crew, a new quest and more.


The lastest Final Fantasy XV update features:

  • New Magitek Exosuits: The new Magitek Suits grants players 30 minutes of invincibility per day for Noctis, Gladio, Prompto and Ignis tackle dangerous creatures of Eos. Once invincibility has worn off, players can continue to wear the exosuits in-game.
  • New Quest, “O Partner, My Partner”: After completing Chapter 8, players can accept this new quest from the Meldacio Hunter HQ.
  • New “Cross Chain” collaboration system: Once players acquire the two Royal Arms: ‘The Sword of the Wise’ and ‘Axe of the Conqueror’, the new “Cross Chain” system will be availble for players. “Cross Chain” will allow player to damage strong, defensive enemies by increasing the number of link attacks.
  • Return of the Moogle Chocobo Carnival: From July 31 to late September, players of all levels can journey again to Altissia for limited-time-only mini-games, Chocobo water races and special Moogle Chocobo menu items at the Square Enix Café. To participate in the Moogle Chocobo Carnival, players must own the FFXV Holiday Pack +, which is included in the FINAL FANTASY XV Season Pass and Digital Premium Edition, or the FFXV Holiday Pack (Free Version).

The Magitek suits should make the Adamantoise very easy, so take advantage of it and hunt down that behemoth. No pun intended.

Both Final Fantasy XV and the lastest update are available right now.


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