EVE Online has received a ‘Rogue Swarm Alert’ event that will last throughout June 27th. As part of the event, capsuleers will join the hunt against rogue AI throughtout New Eden. Take a look at the trailer below.

As with any event, there are bound to be rewards. These include: PLEX, SKINs, skill accelerators and more. The bigger the enemy defeated, the bigger the rewards. So get hunting capsuleers.

As part of the thoughtful work in improving the user interface for all players, EVE Online has received an option to enable color blindness mode. Additionally, there are a few more updates:

  • Features & Changes
    • Balance tweaks have been made to the Rogue Swarm Alert event loot tables.
  • Defect Fixes
    • Fixing a rare bug related to force-cancelling industry jobs at destruction of Upwell structures.
    • It is now possible to deliver corporation industry jobs in Upwell structures after the office has been unrented (the contents are sent to the corporation deliveries hangar).
  • Graphics:
    • Fixed an issue where blueprint icons would not appear correctly in the inventory window.
    • Corrected a problem with the generation of icons for planetary bodies.
    • Adjusted the warp ranges of suns to correct a warp tunnel issue.
    • Fixed a defect with the camera system locking in place post ship movement.

    User Interface:

    • Fixed the usage of the Tab key in several windows (like for creating contracts, multi-buy, multi-sell).

A full list of patch notes and updates can be seen here.

EVE Online is available now on PC.



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