Rogue-likes have become synonymous with dungeon-crawlers and very rarely do you see it in other genres. […]
In this article, we showcase the ID@Xbox Games releasing from 24th April 2018 to 27th April […]
The Adventure Pals is a platformer in which the main character, Wilton, must save his father […]
Now released on Xbox One, Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China brings players into the death-defying seats of […]
Viva Games’ Your Toy gets a scary trailer promoting its horror puzzler game-play including a show of […]
Cuphead was originally revealed in 2014 to the gaming audience with much pique and interest. Since […]
Ink is a 2D platformer which has you take control of a plain white square. With […]
Spartan is a platformer which has you take control of King Leo. King Leo’s riches have […]
Poi is a charming and adorable 3D-platformer which pays homage to classics such as Super Mario […]
The Town of Light is set in the early twentieth century of Italy and tells the […]
When I first heard of Crossout — the free-to-play, post-apocalyptic, vehicular-combat game — I was beyond excited. […]
RiME‘s story is a modest, yet enigmatic, tale about a boy who has been washed ashore […]
Unit 4 was released as part of the ID@Xbox program and has you take control of […]
A new open world third-person RPG has been announced which features a Dark Souls-esque atmosphere but […]
Just as last year, Microsoft unveiled another ID@Xbox montage showcasing upcoming titles both new and old […]
Butcher is a 2-D shooter developed by Transhuman Design that encompasses gory and pixel graphics along with […]
I am happy to announce that we are giving away five codes for you to win […]
This is an updated review with some similar information as provided in my previous review for […]
Coffin Dodgers was developed by Milky Tea Studios and published by Wales Interactive. It was released […]
Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure was developed by Game Swing and published by Curve Digital. It was […]

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