Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China Out Now for Xbox One with Trailer & Screenshots

Now released on Xbox One, Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China brings players into the death-defying seats of these flying war machines. This air-combat simulator title has players take on the historical role of secret American squadrons of ace fliers who helped defend China during the days of World War II. This game comes out at $18.99 USD and features a campaign with the American Volunteer Group, multiplayer for 2-16 players, an approachable take on air combat, third-person or first-person cockpit control, and the choice of five battle modes to play in. Clandestine operations during this tumultuous time included the use of bombers, reconnaissance, fighters, gunners, torpedo, and night missions. Battle modes include Team Dogfight, Rocket Battle VS and Flagbuster which is like Capture the Flag but with fighter planes!



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