Your Toy “Enter Your Nightmares” Trailer, Screenshots & Visuals

Viva Games’ Your Toy gets a scary trailer promoting its horror puzzler game-play including a show of its deep narrative, intricate puzzles, and a chilling atmosphere. The ID@Xbox game revolves around the player’s first toy, hellbent on revenge against them for being forgotten. Featuring first-person perspective, haunting and creepy environments, randomly generated puzzles incorporating your surroundings, and items that clue the player to how to solve these puzzles.

The title is available now for a limited-time discount of $11.99.

Your Toy is sure to keep gamers guessing as they work to figure out clues and escape a psychological nightmare rooted in their protagonist’s childhood. Our team worked tirelessly to create a horror game that will give you the creeps – Your Toy is the culmination of those efforts and it delivers.

– Yao Kun, Producer at VIVA Games

Your Toy is available now for the Xbox One through digital download.


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