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Missed It Monday – Digimon World

I still remember watching the first commercial for Digimon World, a game about digital monsters duking it out, and I was floored when I saw MetalGreymon and MetalMamemon battling. I was so enamored by...

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Gal*Gun: Double Peace Review

This is definitely one of the more original titles out there that have come from Japan in the most recent months. Gal*Gun: Double Peace offers players the chance at finding true love for their...

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Song of the Deep Review

Song of the Deep is the latest game from Insomniac Games, the geniuses who made the sublime Sunset Overdrive and the criminally underrated Fuse back on the Xbox 360. Unlike the aforementioned titles Song...

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NEKOPARA Volume 0 Review

NEKOPARA is a Visual Novel (VN) game which revolves around cute cat girls and their struggles without their master who is absent without reason. This game shows you a day in the life of...

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Missed It Monday – Titanfall

Titanfall is the best FPS ever made. A bold statement? Perhaps, but to me nothing has come remotely close to capturing the amount of fun I have had playing the first game from Respawn...

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Missed it Monday – Pokemon Red

There has always been a gaming series that I’ve loved ever since I played the first generation when I was only five years old back on my old Gameboy Color. Pokémon Red was the...

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Rev Ersi Quest Review

Rev Ersi Quest is a turn based board game with Role-Playing elements developed by Yokogo Sytems. It is set in a  fantasy setting and uses classic Reversi rules. The story revolves around two prosperous...

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Inside Review

Inside is the follow up release from Playdead, the studio that created the critically acclaimed Limbo back in 2010. An initial look at the game didn’t really excite me as I took it to...

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Fragments Of Him Review

Fragments of Him is not your traditional game. In fact it is hard to call this a game due to the lack of any real gameplay throughout the two to three hours it takes...

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