Ever since Phantasy Star Universe‘s servers on the Xbox 360 shut down, there had been a […]
I will be the first to admit that if a game has a cute anime style […]
Developed in the classic 8-bit format, Crawl moves way better than any other game of the […]
I am happy to announce that we are giving away three copies of Yooka Laylee on […]
Initially released for the PC only and then ported to the Xbox One, We Are The Dwarves […]
Since the first Dynasty Warriors, developers like Omega Force have redefined what it means to “hack […]
Ittle Dew 2 has you play as an adventuress named Ittle Dew and her winged-fox named Tippsie […]
E3 2016 held so many promising trailers for games out there that it was hard to […]
The original Halo Wars took everything that we loved about the Halo series and turned it into a […]
When I first encountered Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller, it was in a bundle -It looked […]
The first Digimon World game arrived in North America for the PlayStation console in 2000 and […]
Final Fantasy XIII was a game that received a ton of backlash from its fan base. Some […]
Kingdom Hearts has a special place in many Action-RPG gamers’… well, hearts, and they have been […]
Root Letter, or √Letter, is another visual novel game centralized around a crime that the player needs to […]
Platforming titles have always been a challenge to gamers as soon as they begin adding in […]
Visual novels are always a great escape from the typical video games on the market such […]
So we go down the path of another perverted game, one of my favorite kinds, in […]
Enter the world of Super Dungeon Bros where the undead and spellcasters threaten the land of […]
Dimps and Bandai Namco are back and after the success of the first installment, Dragon Ball […]
Point and click adventures are always so simple and often times weave entertaining stories but none […]

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