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Dollhouse PS4 Box Art Reveal

SOEDESCO comes at us with some new box art for Creazn Studio’s newest psychological horror title, Dollhouse. As scary as the name sounds already, this twisted story takes place in Hollywood in the 1950’s...

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The Coma: Recut Review

Before I originally came across The Coma: Recut I had no idea what the game was about. When I did some research into the gameplay, story and art-style, it quickly reminded me of another...


The Town of Light Review

The Town of Light is set in the early twentieth century of Italy and tells the tragic past of a young girl, Renée, who is suffering from mental illness inside the confines of Volterra...

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Amnesia: Collection Announced for PlayStation 4

Amnesia: Collection has been announced by Frictional Games and The Chinese Room to be making its way to the PlayStation 4 and it will include Amnesia: The Dark Descent, its expansion Amnesia: Justine, and...

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Kholat Review

Kholat was developed and published by IMGN.PRO. It was released on Steam June 9th, 2015 for $19.99. A review copy was provided for The Hidden Levels.    Kholat is an horror-adventure/exploration game based on the Dyatlov...

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