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Rebel Galaxy Review

Space. The final frontier. Ah yes, let’s start off with a Star Trek cliché. But when you think about it, all the ‘cool’ things we think we know about space come from the media....


Clockwork Tales Of Glass and Ink Review

I’ve always been a fan of point and click games. Monkey Island, Broken Sword, Grim Fandango. My childhood was filled with such times, and back then chances are I wandered around aimlessly without knowing...


ARK: Survival Evolved Game Review

ARK: Survival Evolved was developed by Instinct Games, Studio Wildcard, Efecto Studio, Virtual Basement, and published by Studio Wildcard. The game was originally released for Steam in June 2015 as an early access. It...


Launch Trailer for Fortified!

A new trailer has been released by Clapfoot Inc. for their upcoming 3rd-person alien-shooter, Fortified! In this launch trailer, you’ll see the different soldiers and astronauts you’ll be able to play as whilst blasting...


Sparkle 2 Early Xbox One Giveaway

I am happy to announce that 10tons ltd have given us three codes for you to win the game Sparkle 2 before release on Xbox One. You can follow Sparkle 2’s developer and publisher...


New Trailer for SHINY

A new trailer has been released for the recently announced SHINY, a side-scrolling puzzle-platformer that follows a little round robot. Kramer 227, the name of the robot, is able to jump good distances, interact...

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