Sebastien Loeb Rally EVO was developed by Milestone and published by P-Qube. The game will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam on January 29th 2016. A press review copy was provided for The Hidden Levels.

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Sebastien Loeb Rally EVO is a simulation rally game which starts you as a rookie striving to reach the professional leagues where you race and compete with the best.

You start in San Romolo and travel all the way around the world to great places such as Bellingen in Australia to Paihala in Finland.

Tracks have been recreated using scans of the actual courses located in the Rally Championship to give you the full authentic experience.

This title has nearly twice as much content as any other rally game, such as the WRC series and DiRT.

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What I enjoyed:

Lot of content – With over 50 cars, 300km of track and a deep career mode with many races which takes you from the start as a rookie to progress to professional rallies in Sebastians team.

Scenery and tracks – There are many tracks and courses to choose from ranging from wet Wales to sunny Australia. Many of the times during a Rally I would pause to look at the scenery.

Documentary – One of the single player modes takes you through a documentary style mode which gives you the insight to Sebastien Loebs journey to the top. I really enjoyed the documentary and it went well with the races.

Customization – The customization is only visual, there is no physical customization. The features though allow for different colors and much liveries and vinyls to be applied.

Different modes – With many different modes such as Rally, Rally cross, elimination and pikes peak it keeps the game from being just a single stage fest which keeps the game very fresh.

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What I disliked:

Handling feels weird – When racing the handling feels very light and twitchy.

Long loading screens – The game takes a very long time to load between levels, sometimes up to a minute.

Vibration ON – The game has no options to turn vibration off, this leaves people like me who dislike vibration frustrated.

Rough around the edges – The anti aliasing is set to low or off. At far distances you get rough outlines around objects and items.

Sound Effects – The engine sounds were not as in depth as they could’ve been, the only time it really sounds good is from the external camera view.

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I came into this game with high expectations and that was my downfall. Once I dropped the bar and accepted the awkward handling I found a very enjoyable racing game with lots of varieties in the tracks, race modes and cars. If you are looking for an above average racing game I would highly recommend a purchase of the game. If you are a more experienced racer you may be annoyed by the handling so I would then recommend waiting for the price to go down.

For the sheer amount of content though I would definitely rate it a buy now for the majority of gamers, you could easily get 30-40 hours gameplay out of it.

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Score: Buy it now


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