Enter the world of Super Dungeon Bros where the undead and spellcasters threaten the land of Rökheim and only four heroes can stop them. These four heroes are Axl, Lars, Freddie and Ozzie who are controlled by players who work cooperatively together to take down procedurally-generated dungeons that increase in difficulty as they progress. Gamers can play locally or through online up to four players and take on the legion of the dead. This game was released initially through Steam last year and now has come to newer generation consoles. Is it worth the purchase, however, or is it something to wait for a discount/free game of the month?



Entertaining with friends & online players: Playing with other people online or locally versus playing by yourself is much better and entertaining as you will constantly be calling out to teammates on more dire situations. You definitely feel the repetitive nature of the game when playing alone but it will become a fun experience when yelling at one another to team up against a brute or to take out a support enemy in person. That is, however, if you’re able to find a game which will be talked about later. Each weapon offers a different move-set so when your squad has different weapons there’s a chance to be able to cover many strategies.

Neat boss battles & good music: Duke Spookem is just among some of the cool bosses you face at the end of each of the 3 maps. They offer a tough challenge to face against and spawn more undead to make the game even more challenging. This adds on to the simple gameplay to make it a little more entertaining than just fighting endless enemies during the maps. The music in the title also compliments the battles well, with a rock n roll theme pushed as the main premise behind it. It gets you pumped up as you progress and face off against an overwhelming hoard with it getting more intense when the “Threat Meter” grows, increasing the difficulty.

Daily & weekly challenge leaderboard: Dungeon challenges are released daily and weekly for Super Dungeon Bros and offers more to play than just the story mode. This is fun to test yourself against others online and try to reach higher on the scoreboards. However, this is only like a score attack type deal to work your way up the boards and doesn’t really offer any creative modes to play.



Repetitive & simple gameplay: Despite having other weapons to unlock, there’s nothing impressive about the gameplay that keeps the players interest to endlessly complete randomly generated dungeons. There is a bit of intensity when time passes and the difficulty increases but it begins to get bland as you perform the same fighting mechanics over and over again against the same enemies. It’s safe to say that the gameplay begins to wear down on the player as they will feel the repetitive nature of defeating enemies and taking down the wizards that bolster the simple drone soldiers since their shields unfairly bring down your health significantly.

Not much customization: Players can unlock different helmets and weapons for the four rock warriors but that’s about it when it comes to changing the appearance. The character models all also look exactly the same, only their voice, face and color help the player to tell them a part. It feels like more time and effort went into the female counterparts that will be coming up as they all look definitely different with hair-styles and what not. Different types of weapons have more powerful stats than others and move-sets but other than that they don’t offer any redeeming quality to the gameplay.

Hard to connect to a game: Although fun to play with others, it took many attempts in order to try and find any games online to join, even as a single player joining anybody else. Whether this is due to software issues or not isn’t understood but it still brings down the game further when players are having a hard time connecting to one another. This will hopefully be addressed soon in some type of update that will make it easier to connect to players online. For now, however, players will need to play the title on the same screen in order to enjoy its co-operative gameplay.


At the end of the day Super Dungeon Bros isn’t the best dungeon crawler around but it’s still a hell of time when you’re playing with your buddies. It’s sad that they didn’t improve the single player experience, making it more fun and refreshing for anyone to play by themselves if they don’t want to hook up with online players. If only there was more customization to the title and even more unique gameplay modes other than the daily and weekly challenges, then I’m sure Super Dungeon Bros would be a title that I’d invest a lot more time into.

  • 60%
    Graphics - 60%
  • 50%
    Gameplay - 50%
  • 65%
    Controls - 65%
  • 70%
    Sound - 70%
  • 50%
    Replay Value - 50%


Consider Picking Up

Super Dungeon Bros was developed by React Games and published by Wired Productions. It was released for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 [reviewed], and Microsoft Windows on November 1st, 2016 in North America, October 28th in Europe, and November 2nd in Japan. A press review copy was provided for The Hidden Levels. Many studios submit copies for site review but this is in no way factored into our review scores. Games are scored on their individual merits and our rating system is explained here.


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