The upcoming sequel to Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star is almost out and it’s called Fate/Extella Link! This title introduces 10 new Servants along with the original roster of 16 and players can customize their favourite Fate/Extella stars with a number of costumes. Players will get to control them in 4-on-4 multiplayer online battles on all systems and can also experience local multiplayer mode on Switches. The game will also introduce adorable chibi versions of Nero, Tamamo, and Altera which will be free for the first week of release for free and $2.99 each onwards. PS4 players will also get an exclusive theme for their system.

Fans of the series will be able to pre-order the “Fleeting Glory Edition” in North America on PS4 and Switch systems which includes two exclusive costumes for Scathach and Nameless, the game’s soundtrack, 3″ by 5″ Servant Cards for the 10 additional Servants added to LINK’s roster, a 17″ by 24″ cloth poster, and a 4.5″ by 3.5″ acrylic diorama all packaged in a special box for PS4 and Switch available for $79.99. Digital Deluxe Editions for PS4 will receive not only the exclusive costumes for Scathach and Nameless but also one for Altera available for $59.99. The Vita system seems to get the cheapest version of the Digital Deluxe Edition, however, with it being at $49.99. For those just looking for the base versions of the games on main systems it’s going for $49.99 while the Vita version will be $39.99. While those who own Vita systems may think, “Whoa, I can save a lot of money playing this on this system,” will have to keep in mind that the Vita doesn’t support any kind of multiplayer if that’s what you’re most interested in this title.


Fate/EXTELLA LINK will be released for the PlayStation 4, Vita, PC via Steam, and Nintendo Switch on March 19th, 2019.


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