Forza Horizon 4 was announced at Microsoft’s Xbox E3 conference. This time, the game will be taking place in the United Kingdom. It will feature dynamic seasons. In Autumn, the leaves will start falling and rustling as you drive over them. In the Winter, the lake will freeze allowing you to drive on top of the frozen water. Additionally, the game will also be open world and the Drivatars will be real people. To better help communicate between players, there will be a brand new quick-chat feature. The seasons will be the same for all players so they will see what you see. There will also be giant blimps to mark world events where players can come togther to compete for amaing rewards. Take a look at the reveal trailer below.

Forza Horizaon 4 will launch on October 2nd, 2018 and will be included as part of Xbox Game Pass on that same day.





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