Neverwinter console players will finally be able to stem the deadly curse of Acererak in The Lost City of Omu expansion. The new expansion for the MMORPG based on the Forgotten Realms universe, Neverwinter, will be available April 24th on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


The Lost City of Omu will take players deeper into the exotic and vibrant jungles of Chult and the City of Omu, where they must face Acererak, the powerful lich responsible for the death curse threatening the land. Neverwinter’s latest adventure zone sends players into the decaying and derelict ruins of the city, through a maze of subterranean tunnels and into a foreboding yuan-ti temple, bringing new quests and challenges along the way.

The Lost City of Omu expansion will feature:

  • Temple Ruins Adventure Zone: With the discovery of the lost city of Omu, adventurers travel deeper into Chult’s jungles than ever before, exploring crumbling temple ruins, a labyrinth of underground tunnels and a new instance focused on the yuan-ti, “Fane of the Night Serpent.”
  • New Monster Hunts & Heroic Encounters: Adventurers can party up to tackle encounters around Omu or become monster hunters. All new contracts and encounters will pit players against Chult’s scariest predators including the dreaded Tyrant T-Rex for improved rewards. Just mind the undead spawning from its mouth!
  • Expanded Tomb of Annihilation Campaign: In the epic conclusion of the Chult narrative, players dive deeper into the Campaign with new tasks, new Jungles of Chult boon ranks and a new 10-player Endgame Trial where they will finally face Acererak and his abomination, the Atropal.
  • Smoother Progression from Level 60 to 70: Neverwinter players who haven’t quite reached the level cap will now experience a smoother progression due to a drastic balancing of the XP curve, allowing them to access the game’s many endgame Campaigns sooner – including the Lost City of Omu.
  • Class Power Adjustments: Many powers previously based on weapon damage have been changed to scale based on player stats, and bug fixes have been applied to class powers previously behaving incorrectly. Scourge Warlocks can now explore a more viable Temptation feat tree, for example.
  • Additional Features – New recipes for Masterwork Professions, Treasure Maps, Repeatable Adventures and quality of life improvements.

Neverwinter: The Lost City of Omu expansion will be available April 24th on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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