The next title in the iconic first-person shooting series that has its own expo, Quake Champions, gets a flurry of trailers and screenshots to showcase its bloody game-play. Quake Champions is the heart-pounding sequel that delivers the mythos behind the first Quake along with the arena-style multiplayer of Quake III Arena by id Software with help from Saber Interactive. Designed and built for eSports, QC will have game-play for all levels of player experience in FPS and will be featured at QuakeCon from August 4-7, 2017 where id Software will reveal more details about the game.

First up is a trailer featuring lots of gory killing to advertise for the upcoming Closed Beta that you can sign up for at Bethesda’s site. After that is a trailer showing off one of the playable characters Nyx, the Fathom Agent, who’s utilization of shadows and speedy movements make her a deadly addition to the roster of QC. She’s able to not only use an ability called ‘Ghost Walk’, but also jump off the walls itself to assist her in reaching higher platforms. In the final trailer we have one of the maps that will appear in the Closed Beta and full game, ‘Blood Covenant’ that is built in a symmetrical fashion with temple-like architecture and a bloody center.

Quake Champions will be released for PC via Microsoft Windows sometime in later 2017. Sign up for the Closed Beta here.






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