E3 Bethesda: Fallout 4 DLC Contraptions, Vault-Tec Workshop & Nuka-World Revealed

Bethesda keeps dishing out the good news with three more DLCs coming out for their successful title Fallout 4. All of these add-ons include some form of workshop, one of the central gameplay elements in the game, that will give the player even more customizable features for their settlements and to have fun. There’s no limit except that in which is the player’s imagination!

In the fourth piece of downloadable content, “Contraptions”, players will be able to build complex conveyor systems and more for their towns.






In DLC 5, “Vault-Tec Workshop”, additional items will be included to craft and place in your very own vault to make it look more stylish or appease its residents like exercise bikes and more. Looks a lot like the Fallout Shelter app!






In DLC 6, “Nuka-World”, players will visit an apocalyptic amusement park for the famous carbonated beverage we all know and love and undertake more quests and venture on the splendid rides they have for display there.






These Fallout 4 DLCs will be released in the upcoming months including June and July 2016.

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