A new update comes for Warframe and it is live! The “Sands of Inaros” introduce a new way to battle your enemies by enveloping them in the sand of Phobos and some new Infested weaponry. This new weaponry utilizes deadly toxins for players to sadistically take out their foes, which will be useful when encountering them on a new Quest, Event and Tac Alert. Players will even be able to send unique Emojis to friends in an overhauled chat UI while exploring the new Orokin Moon Spy Missions and while hunting Kavats.

NEW INAROS WARFRAME: Consume the life of your enemies and embrace a richness of health with Lotus’ newest warrior, Inaros. Use your abilities to siphon the health from those who would defy you, or force their submission by summoning the might of Phobos’ sandstorms.
Inaros’ Abilities are as follows:
– DESICCATION – Blast enemies with a wave of cursed sand that blinds them and steals their health.
– DEVOUR – Hold power to trap target in quicksand and draw them in for devouring; this steals health and ultimately creates a friendly Sand Shadow.
– SANDSTORM – Become a whirling spiral of sand that sends enemies flying and devours those trapped in quicksand.
– SCARAB SWARM – Charge to transform health into hardened scarab armor. Discharge to blast enemies with a scarab swarm; survivors have their health drained and bestowed on allies.

OROKIN MOON – NEW GAME MODES: The Orokin Moon tileset has been expanded to include new Game Modes. These additions include:
– Defense, Spy and Capture Missions.
– 20 new environmental tiles.
– Overall improvements to older tileset rooms, including graphical and lighting adjustments.

– LESION – An instrument of unrelenting harm.
– MUTALIST CERNOS – Overcome with Infestation, this bow’s arrows now spread poisonous contagion to any surface they hit.
– DUAL TOXOCYST – Brain-strikes excite this bioweapon, causing it to rapidly release toxic munitions.
– STATICOR – The Staticor fires slow-moving energy bolts that explode upon hitting a surface, dealing Radiation damage in an area of effect.

Stand out on the battlefield and embrace the dark side of style with the new Trinity Deluxe Skin Collection. This collection of skins features a new Deluxe Skin for Trinity, the Bo Staff skin, and a Trinity-inspired set of armor for your Kubrow companion.
– TRINITY STREGA SKIN – Embrace the dark power that swirls through this Trinity skin.
– BO VOLU SKIN – Enchant the Bo with this skin.
– BRUJA KUBROW ARMOR – Kubrow armor in the style of the Trinity Strega Skin

screenshot_staticor_1 screenshot_staticor_2 trinity_stregaskin warframe_sandofinaros_01 warframe_sandofinaros_02 warframe_sandofinaros_03 warframe_sandofinaros_04 warframe_sandofinaros_05_conclave warframe_sandofinaros_06_moon_1 warframe_sandofinaros_07_moon_2 warframe_sandofinaros_08_moon_3 warframe_sandofinaros_09_sabotage_2.0 warframe_thirdanniversary_dexsybarisrifle

Warframe‘s “Sands of Inaros” update is already live on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, go get it!



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