A new virtual reality shooter comes to the PlayStation VR in the form of Gungrave VR! This revamp of the original title are not only first-person shooter gameplay mechanics but also third-person, free-moving gameplay, as well. This game is going to be available for $29.99 along with a standalone episode 2 to follow it called Gungrave VR U.N for $14.99 and sold on the PlayStation Network. If you don’t want to purchase them separately then you can get the “Loaded Coffin Edition” bundle that includes both titles on one game disc for $39.99! Designs in the game include the work of Yasuhiro Nightow — the creator of Trigun — along with both Japanese and English voice options with many of the original voice actors returning for their roles.


Gungrave VR “Loaded Coffin Edition” will be released for the PlayStation VR on December 14th, 2018. It’s already been released in Europe as of December 7th.



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