The story of Stormblood continues for Final Fantasy XIV Online with Patch 4.3 — or “Under the Moonlight”. This update includes: new Main Scenario Quests, a new Alliance Raid titled “The Ridorana Lighthouse”, a Trial, a Dungeon called “The Swallow’s Compass”, Beast Tribe Quests with The Namazu, sidequests including The Four Lords, Doman Reconstruction and Further Hildibrand Adventures, a Deep Dungeon called “100-Floor Heaven-on-High, an expansion to The Forbidden Land and Eureka called the Pagos Expedition, an Ultimate Difficulty Raid with an Ultima Weapon, and updates to jobs, PvP, the glamour system, housing, performance actions, more powerful gear and more. A Premium Plan is also available now that allows players to organize saddlebags and Retainer inventories, double saddlebag capacity, and allow for an additional Retainer to be employed.

Not only that but there’s more light on the Companion mobile app that will be released sometime soon that features:

  • Chat with friends and free company members
  • Events organization with the scheduler
  • Inventory organization and armory chest
  • Market Board perusal
  • The ability to put items up for sale and purchase items
  • Register an additional favored destination Aetheryte

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood “Under the Moonlight” Patch 4.3 will arrive late May 2018. The Final Fantasy XIV Companion App will be released at a yet unknown date.


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