Kingdom Hearts fans were delighted to be presented with a new mini-game for both Kingdom Hearts Union χ and Kingdom Hearts III when it releases titled Classic Kingdom. It blends 80s-style LCD games, classic Disney cartoon design, and the KH series to create fun new extras to play through. The first-ever Dandelion Meeting featured in California for Kingdom Hearts players was held and showed off this gameplay and new footage of Kingdom Hearts characters Sora, Donald, and Goofy playing a handheld system that shows off the mini-game.

Kingdom Hearts Union χ also has a new apk games mods that will feature the game’s turn-based battling but with players against one another with winners entered into the monthly PvP Leaderboard to accumulate rewards and recognition. Not only that but 3,000 jewels were gifted to players on April 7th, 2018 to commemorate the 2-year anniversary of the mobile game; players, starting today for the next month, will also be able to nab two Fantasia Mickey B medals. Tetsuya Nomura, himself, announced that up to 300 players will be selected to have their Kingdom Hearts Union χ player names appear in a secret location within Kingdom Hearts III, as well!

Kingdom Hearts III will be released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sometime later in 2018 with Kingdom Hearts Union χ already available on iOS and Android phones.


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