Nintendo Direct showed off some pretty impressive additions to the Switch line-up this year! From Dark Souls: Remastered to Crash Bandicoot Trilogy to Super Smash Bros. there’s many games previously released on older consoles or other platforms that are making its way to the newest handheld/console device. Kirby Star Allies, however, is an all new game in the Kirby series that will be released soon on Switch and hit all of our platforming hearts and nostalgic centers of our brains. Adventure as Kirby or other characters like King Dedede, Meta Knight, and work to spread the love and throw friendship at enemies to make them join your team! Watch as Kirby takes on new forms in conjunction with who he teams up with. Check out the ton of screenshots and artwork below from the game to get an idea of what to expect out of the next journey for the little pink blob.


Kirby Star Allies will be released for the Nintendo Switch on March 16th, 2018.


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