Dragon Ball FighterZ Bardock & Broly DLC Screenshots

Dragon Ball FighterZ has been rocking the fighting game world with its 2.5D gameplay and amount of fan service packed into it. Players have been going crazy just trying to beat each other in online matches and form their special teams. Now we have some cool new screenshots of gameplay with the upcoming DLC characters Broly and Bardock! Bardock is the father of Goku and has had two separate films depicting his attempted defiance of Frieza that ended Planet Vegeta and his blast into the past an eventual transformation into a Super Saiyan that defeated one of Frieza’s ancestors to start the legend. Broly, a Legendary Super Saiyan, is one who has been in three separate movies that show off his immense and ungodly power; his vendetta against Goku and his family is strong and his strength is seemingly limitless.

There is no release date for this DLC yet.


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