A Way Out is a couch or online co-op only game where you take on the role of, Vincent and Leo, in a bid to try and escape the prison.

A Way Out focuses on parallel gameplay mechanics similar to Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, but with a darker story that will take you on an emotional journey. Set in the 70’s, the story follows two convicts, Vincent and Leo, who escape prison and eventually come to terms with their past. A Way Out is local or online co-op only that will explore the ideas of trust, hope, companionship, love and facing up to the consequences. In a few of the scenarios, Vincent and Leo can be seen driving away from law enforcement in a getaway vehicle before another scene that shows them exploring a forest. Every scenario will have huge variations that will also have their own unique sccenes.

A Way Out will be available early 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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