Final Fantasy XV’s free May update is available now and includes a myriad of changes.

Final Fantasy XV’s full patch notes:

  • As per the results of a survey in Taiwan, “Stinky Tofu with a Mellow Flavor” has been added to Ignis’ cuisine.
  • The winning photograph in the 2nd Community Snapshot Contest is displayed at the restaurant in Hammerhead.
  • A survey regarding future updates has been added to the title screen.
  • Fixed a bug that would forcibly close the game when on the Timed Quest rankings screen.
  • Fixed various bugs.

Square Enix will also be holding a web survey regarding free updates, downloadable content and how information is delivered May 24th to June 7th through the game’s official website.

On May 30, a “Jumper Style” outfit for Noctis will also be released on the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace.

Final Fantasy XV is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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